Try Ruby

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try ruby

Okay, so I have to admit that I was very clearly not the intended audience for this tutorial… by the time I made it to Try Ruby, I had already been through two fairly involved sets of Ruby lessons.

That being said, I thought this was cute, and didn’t over promise or over sell itself. If you want to try using Ruby, this is a site that does exactly that–lets you try Ruby, without any previous programming knowledge or having to download or install anything.

ruby 15

Try Ruby is a fifteen minute tutorial where you can see some cool things Ruby can do: reverse the spelling of your name, substitute words in a poem, save things for later. It is easy and non-threatening to use, and has explanations that touch on some of the techie vocabulary that is covered in much more depth elsewhere.

Finishing Try Ruby takes you to Code School, which has a more in-depth Ruby tutorial, as well as the interestingly named Rails for Zombies (just the name/concept made me want to sign up!).

It seemed like the ideal audience for Try Ruby would be people who already understand a little about what programming can accomplish, but don’t see themselves as “smart enough” to take on the challenge of learning to code. Finishing the tutorial might be just enough of a boost to encourage someone to take the next step and do more.

For those with prior  programming knowledge, Try Ruby is too easy. And for those who want an overview of why programming is important, the tutorials whiz by too quickly to give an idea of how these concepts connect to actual websites, games, and apps.

But for those who just want to see what they can learn in fifteen minutes, why not give Try Ruby a try?

Next time: Practicing Ruby with UW’s CSE Homework Assignments

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