HTML/CSS Part 1: Codecademy and W3Schools

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I wanted to get some practice on putting together how the actual website would look to the user, so I clicked over to Codecademy to work on HTML and CSS.

Codecademy has two sets of HTML and CSS courses. There is a basic course that explains the fundamentals, then a make a website course that reviews those fundamentals as you make a homepage similar to Airbnb‘s, with a little help from Bootstrap.

I really liked the way these two courses paired with each other. I was already somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS from fiddling with drag-and-drop sites like Weebly, but the basics course laid out how HTML and CSS fit together in a way that I found easy to follow, and easy to remember later.

I would highly recommend starting with the basic course even though building a website looks like it would be more fun to learn. The build-a-website course would be too fast without the foundation course first. Plus, that way you can have them both open at the same time, and reference the first course as needed when you go through the second.

Color picker from w3schools

For extra practice and troubleshooting, I often found myself on the w3schools site. They have a lot of extra guides, definitions, and lists, including this hex color picker, this list of HTML tags, and an index of everything you ever need to look up in CSS (click through the left column list for specific topics).

I loved using Codecademy’s tutorials and W3school’s reference materials; they were a great way to get started.

Of course, in the real world, there are no tutorials, so my next step was to download XAMPP to locally host my HTML/CSS practice sessions… (see next post for more!)

Next: HTML/CSS Part 2: XAMPP.

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