Coding Dojo: Algorithm Platform

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algorithm platform

After a few rounds of tutorials on Treehouse, Codecademy, or your favorite online learning center of choice, it’s not hard to master the basic building blocks of coding–variables, for-loops, while-loops, functions, arrays, objects, etc. But putting them all together in a real-life situation isn’t always as straightforward as working through the carefully constructed examples in the tutorials.

This is why I think Coding Dojo’s Algorithm Platform is really useful for beginning programmers. Continue reading “Coding Dojo: Algorithm Platform”


jQuery and JavaScript: Treehouse

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My next stop for jQuery and JavaScript tutorials was at Treehouse. Treehouse offers two jQuery tutorials: jQuery Basics, Using jQuery Plugins (and AJAX Basics, which ended up being a detailed explanation of how the jQuery “.ajax()” function works), as well as JavaScript Basics, JavaScript Loops, Objects, and Arrays, Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript, and Object-Oriented JavaScript.

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jQuery and JavaScript: Codecademy

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I love the slogan for jQuery: “write less, do more”.

Having now slogged through quite a few jQuery tutorials, and interactive JavaScript tutorials (more on those later), I will say this: jQuery can be a huge timesaver, and is specifically designed to help front-end developers do the things they do the most, but faster. Continue reading “jQuery and JavaScript: Codecademy”