LEAP and Other Apprenticeships: Job Paths for Non-Traditional Background Programmers

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From the LEAP website: www.industryexplorers.com

Last week marked my one-year anniversary of working full time as a software engineer!

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. When I look back to what I could do a year ago, I can see how much I’ve learned and grown as a developer, and I feel really proud of that. At the same time, I can see how much I still don’t know, and I love that part of my job is to keep pushing myself to learn more, one week at a time.

A year ago (last week) is when I started LEAP, a Microsoft-sponsored apprenticeship for non-traditional background programmers. Continue reading “LEAP and Other Apprenticeships: Job Paths for Non-Traditional Background Programmers”


HTML/CSS Part 1: Codecademy and W3Schools

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I wanted to get some practice on putting together how the actual website would look to the user, so I clicked over to Codecademy to work on HTML and CSS. Continue reading “HTML/CSS Part 1: Codecademy and W3Schools”